A Detailed Comparison for Manual vs Electrical vs Gas Powered Garden Shears

Garden shears are tools mostly used for any gardening project. They are used to trim and prune any garden plant and flower. Most of them have two sharp serrated blades, which usually have a curved section on edges that cuts the thick items like thick stems and twine—there various shear categories, including manual, gas-powered, and electric garden shears. At the end of this, we will tell which is the best type of shear is effective and efficient.

Manual garden shear

These shears are best for small yards with few edges as they require a lot of effort, which is tiring if the shears for a long time. They provide a clean and sharp cut; these tools cut branches, hedges, and plants using hands. There are various types of manual garden shears, including branch cutter, grass shears, hedge trimmer, needle hand shears, cutting loppers, and so many more. They are light and also environmentally friendly and gives one the most control of what to do.


They have blades that have carbon steel, and wavy, therefore, remains sharp for a prolonged period even when used continuously. Manual grass shears also have adjustable handles that’s help to reach high points in some hedges and branches. They recommended that one choose which handles and blades to use and purchase, one can choose straight or wavy blades. They are comfortable using vinyl cushion grasps and provides one with the ability to cut hedges into perfect shape. The shears can replace if needed; some can trim thick bushes as they are incredibly durable.


  • They are in a shock-absorbing design.
  • Have lightweight handles.
  • Their blades are strong.
  • Their blades are wavy hence more durable and long-lasting.
  • They have an adjustable blade force.


  • They rely on one’s strength  and requires a lot of effort
  • Some blades don’t line up, so it’s difficult to cut straight with them.
  • Some don’t cut thick and larger branches.
  • Some blades rust quickly.

Electrical garden shear

These tools are either corded or cordless and use batteries or electricity for them to function. They are ecological, safe, and efficient and can cut any branch, hedge, and grass.


Their long term pruning is higher; they are easy to operate as one press the button, and the branch or grass is cut immediately, cutting look smooth and beautiful. They have a carbon steel blade that is extremely durable and sharp. They have a high working efficiency and are suitable for even thick branches. They are rechargeable and cordless with long-lasting batteries and sustain a charge for a long time; their wireless operations are convenient. The shears can be used at night as the LED light and let you see branches clearly at night, and it also is used as a flashlight.


  • Higher efficiency of trimming and pruning and they are best for molding
  • Low failure rate and good durability as it has a high cutting capacity and convenient adjustment and maintenances.
  • Their operation performance is higher and stable, and their pruning quality meets horticultural requirements.
  • They have a powerful motor that cuts any branches easily.
  • They have LED light, which is useful when working at night.
  • They are light, therefore easy to carry around and cuts branches easily.


  • They need to plug in anytime when needed, and its cord is annoying.
  • They are less powerful.
  • Some batteries don’t last for long



This type of tool is suitable for stubborn hedges and those far away from homes—they for thick branches that have refused to be cut by other means.


  • They are more powerful and durable, thus helps one to do their trimming fast and easy.
  • They are easy to operate as they don’t have a long extension cord.
  • They are ideal for both commercial and domestic use.
  • They are more convenient during the operation.


  • They make a lot of vibrations and noises.
  • They are heavy.
  • They are hard to start like a chainsaw.

The gas shears are more convenient as they don’t need to change during operation, unlike the electric shears, which must connect to power during the process. It’s easier to use gas trimmers on thick and rough hedges than electrical, as they are more reliable and firm. Gas shear is made so much noise and can disturb one’s neighbors’ unlike manual, are noiseless. Manual shears are cheapest and are more trusted compared to the other shears. Gasoline shears are challenging to start than others, as others don’t require any formula to start.

To wrap up gasoline shears is better as it’s more powerful, portable, and perfect for edges that are stubborn and far from home. On the other hand, manual shears are the best as they flex one’s muscles, giving a sharp and precise cut. It’s also easier to sharpen the manual’s blade, even its noise-free; therefore, no noise pollution and disturbing neighbors’. Electric shears are lightweight and require no effort, thus allows one to do a lot of time in less time, and they are very cheap compared to other types.

Our entire garden is different, and one should not get what their friend recommended them, but what’s suits their gardens. One is required to take their time to be able to choose either between manual, electric, or gas-powered garden shears and knows betters that suits them. If one is in a dilemma on which tools to use, they can consult their trusted friends or expertise in this field.



1. How can one sharpen shear?

The simplest and best way to sharpen garden shears is by using a file as it works best on pruning and hedge shears. One can also use a sharpening stone, sandpaper, Mason jar, aluminum foils, and so many more.

2. Where to buy the shears?

One can purchase shears from Amazon, eBay, Home base, and many more.

3. What are the best pruners to buy?

There are various types of pruners, such as felco2, AER HP-VS8Z, and Coronan BP3180. These pruners are some of the best pruners available in the market.

4. Whats happens if one cut all the leaves off a plant?

If one’s soil is fertile, the plant will continue to grow until it recovers the leaves, but if your plant is weak, the plant will die as leaves are the central part of the plant in food production.