About Us

Some people love swimming, and others find pleasure in playing football. A whole other lot spends most of their free time watching movies and playing video games. And then there is me, who is addicted to the garden.



Its not a responsibility. I wouldn’t even call it passion, no matter hos much it may seem so. Rather, it is one of those things that cannot be articulated verbally, and their comprehension remains in the dark.

When am in the garden, I feel a certain unexplainable satisfaction. The nature chases down my adrenaline and eyes find it hard to blink and lose those precious miliseconds.

To share my experience with others, and appreciate the integral role of our gardens and backyards, I decided to start this website. Most of the content is composed of informative articles providing valuable insights. A few others focus on providing comprehensive and informational reviews on tools that you can utilize to enhance your gardening experience.

Although there are many tools in this area, I decided to focus on shears due to their wide applicability and scarce coverage. Soon, I will also add two sections; one on kitchen shears and another on hairdressing shears.