Corded vs. Cordless Grass Shears, What’s the Difference?

Battery powered gardening tools have been in existence for ages before the invention of electric powered tools. There are pros and cons to each of them, thanks to technology, improvements are being made daily making gardening work even easier.

Cordless tools today have advanced batteries that can last you long enough but the shears are limited to battery power in the tool. Possibility of having more than one battery keeps cordless tools highly useful.

Corded tools on the other hand give you consistency needed for work with no need to recharge, though limited to availability of power. Cordless tools are low weight making them easily portable around the garden or compound, since they are not attached to cords.

In regards to price, tools are priced according to features, the more advanced the features are, the more the price. 

General Concepts

How to use grass shears.

  • Start by adjusting the head angle to your desired position.
  • Then trim the lawn edges.
  • You can use long shaft for easy in reach.
  • Trim hard grass and branches with ease using a long shaft.
  • Afterwards fold cutting head parallel to shaft for safe transport and storage.

Features of grass shears.

  1. They are long handled.
  2. The handles are at right angle to the blades.
  3. There are horizontal and vertical types of blades.
  4. They can cut grass from a standing position.

What should I consider before buying gardening tools?

  • Blade length.

Larger blades give more cutting area per sweep as compared to smaller blades.

  • Weight.

Cordless grass shears are handheld making weight an issue to consider, heavier machines are comfortable to work with since they are more stable as compared to lightweight machines which may lack in terms of power.

  • Battery capacity.

If the battery capacity is too low, you will have to recharge frequently, high capacity tools are more consistent but heavier. Here you can find a list of the top 5 best electric grass shears.


Grass trimmers are used to create uniformed border lines, to trim around difficult terrains and clear large patches of rough vegetation.

Features of garden trimmers.

  • Has a nylon line instead of blade to cut grass.
  • Propulsion system spins the wire at a speed able to cut through grass easily.
  • A shield covering head of grass trimmer protects the user from cutting line and debris thrown up.

Features of a corded trimmer.

  • Has an adjustable rotational angle.
  • A rotatable cutting head.
  • Two line spools.

Needed adjustments before use;

  1. Adjust the height of the guide bar.
  2. Adjust the extra handle.
  3. Set the rotational angle.
  4. Arrange the extension cord in a loop and run the loop through the hole in the handle.
  5. Switch the grass trimmer on by pushing the ON/OFF  switch and hold the switch down.


  • Hold the grass trimmer with both hands and tilt it.
  • Go forward and swing the grass trimmer to the side.
  • From the tip, cut the grass shorter.
  • Fold the flower protector ring down to keep flowers and shrubs out of cutting area.

Cordless trimmers


  • Has a rotatable blade head.
  • Two short and sharp blades.
  • Has a safety lock.
  • It is easy to hold.
  • Has a comfortable grip.

Corded trimmers are better when clearing in tough terrain over a long time since it allows one to mow while standing and its faster.

Cordless trimmers are appropriate for home compounds where small patches need to be worked on.

Advantages of corded trimmers.

  1. Favourable price range.
  2. Flower guard position can be adjusted.
  3. The head can be rotated in different angles.
  4. Comfortable grip.
  5. Light weight.

Disadvantages of corded trimmers.

  • Short length of the cord.
  • Large lawns need extension cords.
  • Limited working distance with the cables.

Corded trimmers are more suited for use at compounds since to the cable distance limitation.

Cordless trimmers are more suitable in farms due to portability.


Garden clippers are also called hand pruners or secateurs.

They are strong and used to prune tough branches of plants and trees.

Types of Clippers/pruners

 Hand pruners are of two types;

The anvil pruners, best for woody branches.

                             Has straight blades

These pruners crush stems and cut them

Bypass pruners,  best for soft branches.

                             The blades overlap.

Corded clippers are easier to use around house compound as compared to the garden.

Cordless clippers are best suited in the garden.

Cordless tools are more noisy than corded tools.

Between the two its difficult to vote for one against the other since the prices vary depending on features.

Efficiency is also dependent on features.


  1. How long are cables in corded tools?

Length ranges at 8m, an extension cord is therefore needed.

Yes, the shaft on the handle can be extended to suit taller people.