Difference Between Kitchen Shears and Regular Scissors

Difference Between Kitchen Shears and Regular Scissors
Every kitchen not only requires a full set of knives but also requires kitchen shears and scissors. The versatility of using kitchen shears and scissors is unmatched hence the need to have the two in your kitchen. Though the two may seem similar, they are pretty different in terms of design and tasks they can handle.
Many people never seem to know the difference between kitchen shears vs kitchen scissors. The good news is that this article will outline the two kitchen tools to enable you to differentiate them. In a nutshell, kitchen shears are designed for thick foods and kitchen tasks that an ordinary knife cannot handle. Kitchen scissors, on the other hand, are used for cooking-related light cutting. Keep reading for more information concerning kitchen shears vs regular scissors.
Kitchen Shears and Regular Scissors
When it comes to kitchen shears vs kitchen scissors, we can agree that they are both essential tools that make work more effortless in the kitchen. Every home needs the two, for they complement each other.
Kitchen shears
When you have a good pair of kitchen shears, you can never have a hard time in the kitchen. This tool is highly versatile and carries out precise kitchen work that would seem difficult to handle.
Here is why you require kitchen shears;
Soda and beer opener – Kitchen shears come with an inbuilt bottle opener, meaning you do not have to go around looking for a bottle opener.
Stubborn jars – You may have come across some stubborn jars in your kitchen and wondered how you could easily open them. That is what kitchen shears are designed for. They come with two metal-teeth grippers meant to open stubborn jars.
Nutcracker – Did you know kitchen shears come with a nutcracker right in their blades? Now you know. You will find a toothed hollow next to the fulcrum, which can be used to place a nut and crack it as you squeeze the handle.
Kitchen scissors
Many people love kitchen scissors because of their ability to carry out simple tasks fast. You can prepare all cooking-related foodstuff using regular scissors. We are talking about preparing meat, shredding herbs, cutting vegetables, and many more.
Here is why you will require kitchen scissors;
Baking – Regular scissors come in handy when baking, for they can be used to trim dough and make clean cuts.
Dried vegetables and fruits and vegetables – You will agree with me that dried fruits and vegetables can be difficult to cut using an ordinary knife. This is not the case with regular scissors, for they can cut them without any hassle.
Avoiding a mess – When handling canned food, you can easily make a mess, especially when you are not using the right kitchen tool. You can cut food inside a can using scissors instead of taking it out and creating a mess.
The difference between kitchen shears and regular scissors
The truth is kitchen shears may resemble regular scissors, but they are actually quite different. Let us discuss kitchen shears vs kitchen scissors and find out what makes the two different.
• You will note that the fulcrum on the blade of kitchen shears is not near the handle compared to scissors.
• Kitchen shears are designed to be stronger than scissors. They come with excellent cutting force, which is necessary, especially when cutting thick foods.
• Scissor blades are usually shorter than kitchen shear blades and are relatively longer. Kitchen shear blades also come with a more oversized bottom handle that gives room for a firm grip.
• You will love kitchen shears because they are designed in such a way that the blades can be dismantled for easy cleaning. You can also dry them comfortably, which means there will be no room created that can lead to rusting.
• Scissors are lightweight and multipurpose, while kitchen shears are for specific tasks especially carrying out tough kitchen tasks. Scissors can only handle small tasks in the kitchen, which is not the case with kitchen shears.
• In addition, scissors come with symmetrical equally-sized holes meant for fingers whose blade length is about six inches. With these, the single finger and the thumb can be well accommodated. Kitchen shears are designed with a small finger hole plus a larger finger hole. The blade length is more than six inches and can accommodate not just the thumb but also three to four fingers.
There is no way you would use kitchen shears and not fall in love with their multitasking abilities. Its ability to slice and cut anything with ease brings out its beauty. That is not to say that scissors do not play a crucial role in the kitchen because they do. However, when it comes to kitchen shears vs kitchen scissors, kitchen shears seem to be highly preferred. Nevertheless, the two kitchen tools are essential if you want to run a functioning kitchen. They are both useful depending on the meal you are making.
Wrap up
Whether you prefer using kitchen shears or regular scissors, what is of importance is to keep your kitchen tools in good condition. You don’t want these two to serve you for a short time, so you have to handle them with absolute care. You will never face any complex task in the kitchen as long as you equip yourself with kitchen shears and scissors. Do not worry about the cost because they are quite affordable. Grab yours today, and you will enjoy your kitchen time.
Frequently Asked Questions
1. Is there a specific knife for cutting chicken?
Yes. The boning knife is the ultimate knife designed for cutting raw chicken with ease. Its blade thickness and curve make it easy to maneuver joints and cut with precision.
2. Are shears expensive?
Professional shears cost more than shears because of their quality. Even though the two may carry out similar tasks, the cost may not be the same.
3. Is it safe for kitchen shears to go in the dishwasher?
No, it is not because kitchen scissors are not dishwasher safe. Anytime you use them, you should clean them with a damp cloth and then hand dry them.