How do Manual and Electric Garden Shears Work Differently?

Shears are like big scissors. They are made with big blades to cut grass on the sidewalk and sides of a lawn. How does garden shears work? Grass shears come in handy in gardening and landscaping. As the two blades move past each other, they make it possible to clip grass on difficult spots. While we all want our lawns to appeal to the eyes, cutting grass helps keep the lawn healthy and green.

Let’s look at different types of grass shears and how they work:

How Manual Grass Shears Work

Manual shears are long handled and allow you to cut grass at a standing position. Many people wonder how does garden shears work. What they may not know is you can walk around cutting grass that has not been cut by the lawnmower. When working with this shear, you have to do all the opening and closing since they’re manual. They come fitted with a spring between the blades to ease squeezing of handles together, and that is how grass shears function. Generally, there are two types of manual grass shears: those with vertical blades and those with horizontal blades.

  1. Vertical blades – A manual grass shear with vertical blades is explicitly purposed for edging. That way, you find it easier when cutting grass in spaces that are unreachable using other conventional grass cutting tools.
  2. Horizontal blades – If your lawn is flat, you need to use grass shears designed with horizontal blades, for they are easy to use to cut grass. Note that this is a cheap grass shear that will not cost you much. It is also perfect if you have a small lawn because it will not drain your energy when trimming grass.

When it comes to how manual grass shears work, it is not only about the blade orientation. They are also categorized according to their handle length, those having a long handle and others with short handles.

  • Long handle – As the name suggests, this is a grass shear with a long handle, meaning you cut grass while standing. If you have back problems yet, you want your lawn looking beautiful; this is the grass shear to use.
  • Short handle – When using a manual grass shear with a short handle, you must kneel to trim the grass. You may not cover a considerable distance when using this shear. It works perfectly for small yards.

There is no right or imperfect manual grass shear; they are all good as long as you understand how manual garden shears function. What makes the difference is your needs. Comfortability also plays a key role.

How Electric Grass Shears Work

To beautify your garden, you require electric grass shears. Keep up with me to know more about how electric grass shears work. There are areas that a mower cannot reach. That is where an electric grass shear comes in handy, for it can get to the most challenging places. This shear will cut grass with minimal effort on your side, unlike a manual grass shear. It saves you a lot of time for you can cover a large area. Electric grass shears are extremely powerful. The two main types of electric grass shears are the corded and cordless ones.

  1. Corded shears – For this electric grass shear to function, it will require a power cord extension. If you are in an area with no power source, there is no way you can use this shear.
  2. Cordless shears – You do not need an extension to operate this electric grass shear. Why? Because you only need batteries to operate it; it’s how battery garden shears work. The best part is the batteries are rechargeable. However, you must charge the battery sufficiently to avoid getting disappointed when using it in your garden. You may choose to invest in a spare battery. If one battery gets depleted before finishing your work, you change and use the spare one. Basically, that’s how battery garden shears function.

Just like manual grass shears, electric grass shears are either long handled or short handled.

  • Long handled – When using a long handled electric grass shear, you will not have to bend every now and then. You will cut grass as you stand. This electric grass shear has wheels such that it moves swiftly as you cut grass. All you have to do is walk as this shear cuts grass.
  • Short handled – You will have to kneel when using this shear. The only difference with the manual one is you will not use a lot of energy. This is because the shear does all the cutting. Use it in an area that is not big. Crawling when using this short handled electric grass shear can be quite draining.

By now, you should have an idea of how electric garden shears function. You will benefit a great deal when you opt for this shear, especially if you own a huge yard.


Things to Look Out for in Grass Shears

Grass shears are designed to help you get rid of grass in sections that were difficult to trim using a lawnmower, especially the edges of flower beds. Here are features to pick on before buying a shear:

  • Handle with a spring grip and easy to grip

Many people find them more comfortable to hold when trimming. Non-slip handles make work easier. It helps to have a soft lining on the handles.

  • Steel blades

They are sturdier. You could use them for light weeding since they are hardier. They can last longer without rusting. Blades coated with Teflon are also efficient. Such are corrosion resistant.

  • Long handles

Can be used to trim from a standing position. This will spare you from backache. You will be able to cover a big area. Getting easily tired is not applicable with long handle grass shears.

  • Good quality

Nothing will make you proud than using good quality grass shear. This is because it will make your lawn look tidy and neat. Also, it will serve you for a long time giving you the same incredible results.

  • Lightweight

Gardening is not an easy task. It is even challenging when using heavy tools. Lightweight shears will not wear you down. Go for a size that fits your hands perfectly. Complete your work without draining your energy.



If you were full of thoughts on how does garden shears work, I am confident that by now, you have the answers. Give your lawn a perfect finish by ensuring that your shears a well sharpened. Let your tool work for you by adjusting the shears as you work. This is a flexible tool. With a lot of existing brands in the market, you need to be wise. Look out for the shear that will offer more functionality according to your needs. Now that you know how garden shears work, give your yard an excellent look.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do manual and electric grass shears work the same?

No. With manual grass shears, you have to keep opening and closing to cut grass while with an electric one, you only require power. You will not use energy to operate an electric shear.

  • Do battery and electric grass shears work the same?

Yes, the only difference is one function using a battery, and the other one requires a power source. Apart from that, they both work the same.

  • Can you sharpen cordless shears?

Absolutely! By using a metal file to sharpen along the edge of the blade and repeating the same process until sharpness is achieved.