How To Sharpen Garden Edging Shears At Home


Maintaining your garden can be a daunting task, especially if you have no clue how to sharpen garden edging shears at home. After using garden edging shears for a while, they can wear out and become blunt. This means they will not be effective, that is why it is paramount you learn the basics of sharpening your edging shears for best results.

In this context, we will be looking at some key elements of relevance as to why it is essential to learn how to sharpen garden edging shears at home. One factor is that it costs less in hiring someone to do it for you and ensures you also save time and resources. These basics will also ensure your tools stay in good condition

It is important to ensure that your tools are well aligned and adjusted to promote efficiency and safety. Sharpening your edging shears but failing to ensure they are well aligned may lead to lower productivity emanating from inefficiency.

The purpose of this context will also serve as a learning experience to what we can do without incorporating an extra hand in our day to day routines at home. Also, how we can save costs and resources to things, we can handle easily at home. It will also help gain experience and, to some extent, some expert knowledge that can be applied somewhere else even to earn an income.

How to sharpen garden edging shears

As we go along, you will learn how to sharpen garden edging shears at home for effectiveness purposes. Below we have listed some of essential steps in preparing to sharpen your garden edging shears;

  • Clean off the dust and rust: The first and most crucial step is to clean the Shears to eliminate all the dust and dirt from them. This should be done with utmost precaution while you are cleaning to avoid injuries since one can contract infections such as tetanus which is caused by rust. Clean the blades with soapy water and thoroughly remove any hardened dirt from underneath.
  • Secure the shear on a clamp: Once you are done cleaning, secure the shear on a clamp and make sure you are comfortable, and the shear is in the right angle before you begin.
  • Safety gear: Before you start, make sure you have your safety gear to avoid injuries. As mentioned above, infections such as tetanus are not far-fetched when you are in the process of sharpening. That is why you must use protective gear when using heavy machinery, such as a grinder.
  • Maintenance: After you are done, apply a little oil on the edges of the blade. This helps in preventing rust and keeps the shears in good working condition for later use.

Through this process, we learn some of the different methods of sharpening garden edging shears depending on the nature and availability of tools to sharpen.


Sharpening Tools

1.Grinder:  This is one of the most effective ways to use today in homes, and even though it is effective, it requires some experience to handle a grinder. You can either clamp your shear on a clamp or hold down your grinder and your shear blades. To save on time, it is highly recommended to sharpen garden edging shears with a grinder as It is faster than most other methods.

2.File: To sharpen garden edging shears with a file is also another home-based method that is simple and requires minimal experience. It is also not expensive to buy, and this can either be flat or the diamond,

3.SandPaper: Apart from being used to clean shears and remove rust, you can also sharpen garden edging shear with sandpaper. It is not that effective but gets the job done when required to especially for those at home without other useful tools.

4.Stone: It is made of bonded abrasive in the form of a bar or circular, depending on how you want to use it. When you want to sharpen garden edging shear with a stone, it is advisable to sprinkle some water on the stone to make it effective. Gear:  As a precautionary measure, safety comes first, and for this reason, it is crucial always to have your safety gear on before you start any work on this equipment as in some cases injuries cannot be ruled out especially when dealing with a grinder for the first time and some of the gear includes gloves, glasses dust coat or overall. This will ensure you sharpen garden shear safely

 As you have noted from how to sharpen garden edging shears at home basics, there’s a variation from one garden edging shears sharpenerto another depending on type and need. The most important factor to consider is its effectiveness. A lot of consideration should consider choosing the correct garden shear sharpening kitto save on time and resources and achieve the desired results. It is preferable to select the right tool for the right job and just an example you can’t use sandpaper to sharpen blunt grass shears as it might take longer and can prove to be tiring. For those who are just starting, it is advisable to start to sharpen garden edging shears with simple and easy methods before you can begin to sharpen edging shears like a pro.



Now that you understand how to sharpen garden edging shears at home don’t go flaunting your skills for no reason! Make your garden attractive such that people will wonder what kind of magic you used. You might also want to educate your friends on sharpening edging shears as you share a drink.

Fun Facts

As a child, one of the most fun moments I used to have was to watch how grandfather would sharpen mock him about more advanced ways of doing it, and he would laugh to the end of how we were losing our culture civilization.

But as a lesson, I would also learn how their methods and ways of doing things were so effective in their days. It makes me wonder how technology has helped us if not destroyed us, but that’s a discussion for another day.


How do I clean and sharpen garden tools?

Clean your garden tools by doing away with dirt using a brush and soapy water. Sharpen with a grinder and store them well.

Can I oil my garden tools?

Yes, you can, but you must clean your tools first before oiling them.

Should an edging shear be sharp?

Absolutely! If not sharp, your gardening shear will not perform at its best.