How to Sharpen Garden Shears, Clippers, And Pruners Using A Dremel: A Step By Step Guide


Nothing can be frustrating like using gardening tools that are blunt. When left in neglected condition, your clippers, pruners and even garden shears will not deliver as expected. To ensure they remain effective and efficient, its important for you to sharpen garden shears with a Dremel or any other appropriate tool to enable you maneuver your garden with ease. Dremel is a top-notch handheld sharpening multitool that eliminates any difficulties you have when using your gardening tools. Sharpen with Dremel for it comes with a number of accessories and attachments making it quite versatile.

However, you cannot sharpen pruners with a Dremel anyhow. There are necessary steps you should undertake. Removing dirt and rust are some of the actions you should indulge in. You don’t want to use dull and blunt gardening tools because the end results will be catastrophic. Dremel is an advantageous tool especially if you don’t want to use a lot of energy to sharpen your tools. Get ready because we are going to learn how to sharpen pruners with a dremel to give your garden an excellent look.

How to get your shears, clippers, and pruners ready for sharpening with Dremel

To use Dremel to sharpen garden shears, clippers and pruners effectively, you must carry out the following: –

  • Remove dirt You cannot start sharpening your tools if there is any dirt present. Try using soap and water to get rid of all built-up dirt. Ensure that your tools are sparkling before going ahead to sharpen using Dremel.
  • Rust Tools that have been neglected will definitely have rust build-up. As you may know, eliminating rust can be a daunting task. To ensure that all the rust comes out, work with a high-grit sandpaper. This is the best way to achieve a shiny look on your tools.

These are the two major processes of preparing your shears, clippers and pruners for sharpening with a Dremel.


Step by step guide on the sharpening process

Sharpen pruners with a dremel in an easy manner. To familiarize yourself with the process of sharpening garden tools with a Dremel, take a look at the following critical step-by-step guide.

Step 1

Get the Dremel sharpening kit and attach the provided nut and screws. Ensure they are all properly secured.

Step 2

At this point, you need to lock the hedge trimmer appropriately next to a bench vise. It is vital that you clamp the trimmer tightly to avoid any movements when sharpening.

Step 3

It is time to power up the Dremel. If you want to sharpen clippers with a Dremel, get it close to blades whilst applying minimal pressure. This works best in prevention of over sharpening of the blades.

Step 4

Continue grinding until the entire edge is sharp enough. During this time, your hand should be steady to prevent any misfortunes.

Step 5

Repeat the process to sharpen pruners with a Dremel and any other tool you have. The point is not to stop until the blade’s are as good as new.

Step 6

Now get the blade from the vise and set it aside.

Step 7

Disassemble the Dremel

Step 8

Assemble your pruner and any other tool you were using when sharpening with a Dremel.


Advantages of sharpening your garden tools using Dremel

Having known how to sharpen shears with a Dremel, you can agree with me that this is a tool that you cannot do without. Sharpen garden shears with a Dremel due to the following reasons;

  • Dremel is powerful hence delivers maximum performance. This means that it will always deliver and not disappoint you.
  • It is multi-purpose tool that not only sharpens but also can be used for grinding and sanding.
  • This tool comprises several exceptional accessories that enables you carry out all the tasks you require on your gardening tools.
  • You will get a sharp blade quite fast when you use a Dremel.
  • This is an affordable tool that is worth every penny because of its outstanding performance.
  • A Dremel can be easily found in any hardware store.

Drawbacks of sharpening your garden tools using Dremel

Everything that has an advantage it sure does its cons. This is no different when you want to sharpen shears with Dremel.

  • For starters, if you don’t hold your tool steady, you will not get satisfactory end results.
  • Using a Dremel requires a lot of attention.


It can be extremely cumbersome to work with gardening tools that are dull. The moment the blades get tired, you will have to put extra effort to cut grass or even prune branches. Sharpen garden shears with a Dremel especially if you are an avid garden lover. Once you learn how to sharpen clippers with a Dremel you will not want to leave working on your garden. Why you ask? Because the gardening tool you will be using will motivate you to continue working because of its exceptional performance. The best part is you get to use Dremel to sharpen pruners at the comfort of your home. Sharpen pruners with a dremel to have not only an attractive garden but a healthy one for that matter. What you will note is once you use Dremel to sharpen clippers, it will perform at its best and proficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

As an avid gardener, a lot of questions may arise concerning gardening tools. Some of the questions are: –

  1. Is a Dremel worth it?

Absolutely! It is an important multitool that is extremely versatile because of its outstanding performance.

  • Can lawn mower blades be sharpened using a Dremel?

Yes, you can. The process is quite easy and the outcome will be an efficient tool that delivers a beautiful lawn.

  • What is the best way to keep garden tools in top condition?

Ensure that you store your tools in a dry place that is well-ventilated. Before storing them ensure they are clean.