How To Sharpen Garden Shears, Clippers, And Pruners Using An Aluminum Foil: A Step By Step Guide

How To Sharpen Garden Shears, Clippers, And Pruners Using An Aluminum Foil: A Step By Step Guide
When your garden tools cannot perform as they should due to bluntness, action should be taken immediately. There are different ways of sharpening your gardening tools. One of them is using Aluminum Foil. Once you sharpen garden shears with aluminum foil, they will do an exceptional job. You don’t require technical skills to use aluminum foil; all you need to do is to master the skill.
You will realize that when you sharpen garden scissors with aluminum foil, your gardening experience will be totally transformed. This article will give you a step to step guideline on using Aluminum Foil to sharpen your garden tools. Keep reading for more information.
Sharpening garden shears, clippers, and pruners using an Aluminum Foil
It is paramount that you sharpen shears with aluminum foil to increase their performance. However, before you start sharpening your tools, clean them first. You have to create a clean surface to ensure effectiveness when sharpening.
On the other hand, while using aluminum foil on your garden tools may improve their performance, it is not highly recommended. Only use aluminum foil on tools whose blades are not quite dull. The disadvantage of aluminum foil is that it cannot quite sharpen incredibly dull or severely damaged tools.
Despite all that, you can still sharpen garden shears with aluminum foil. What you need to note is to ensure that you don’t allow your tools to become too blunt because if you do, the foil will not be effective.
If you decide to sharpen garden shears at home, it is critical that you use the right sharpening tools. It would be best to be careful when sharpening your shears to avoid hurting yourself. If your garden shears are too blunt, use a grinding tool rather than a file.
Why sharpen your garden tools

Nothing will give you joy when gardening than using sharp garden tools. They make your work easier as compared to using rusty and dull tools. You must use either a hand file or any other device that will not weigh you down.
Sharp tools will not cause bruises to your hand. While using protective gloves when gardening, you can be sure that your hands will be in perfect condition.
Picture your garden looking stunning thanks to your sharp garden tools. That is why it is essential to keep your tools sharpened at all times. Additionally, always remember to use oil on your tools after sharpening them. The oil prevents the blades from rusting, keeping your tools in top-notch condition.
Sharpen garden shears, clippers, and pruners using aluminum foil: a step-by-step guide
Here is the procedure on how to sharpen garden shears, pruners, and clippers;
Step 1
Get a sheet of aluminum foil and fold it several times. This is done to aid in sharpening your tool numerous times in a go.
Step 2
Next, take scissors and begin cutting the aluminum foil sheet you just folded. Using the scissors, cut into long full, strokes strips. This is to ensure that the whole blade length is completely sharpened.
Sharpen garden scissors with an aluminum foil severally as you check on the sharpness. Please do not stop until you are sure your scissors are as sharp as you would want them to be.
Step 3
Clean your scissors by using a damp paper towel containing a bit of warm water. Carefully start wiping down the blades of your scissors. This is done to do away with all the aluminum grit.
We all know that aluminum foil is mainly used in the kitchen to preserve leftovers. What you didn’t know is you can sharpen garden shears with aluminum foil. Keep your tools sharp all through by using aluminum foil. Anytime you want to prune shrubs or shape your garden, only sharp garden shears can help you achieve that. You will also enjoy having clean cuts and healthy plants. This is because your tools will not make your plans contract any diseases. A cool environment will help keep your gardening tools in exceptional condition no matter how long it takes before using them.
Wrap up
Who does not want to have a beautiful and great-looking garden? No one, of course! First things first. Take good care of your gardening tools for them to last long. You want them to serve you for a long time. Be keen to take all the precautions necessary, and you will not be disappointed. Keep sprucing your garden as you enjoy doing what you love doing best.
Frequently Asked Questions
1. Can I use a grinder at home to sharpen gardening tools?
Only use a grinder if you are a pro. You may end up hurting yourself. As such only professionals are recommended.
2. Is sharpening and honing the same thing?
Sharpening is the procedure of eliminating bluntness and creating a new edge. Honing, on the other hand, is the process of realigning and maintaining the sharp edge of a knife.
3. Should I wet a sharpening stone before using it?
Not necessarily, but it is highly advisable for it makes it easier to sharpen your tool. You will not have to put a lot of effort when sharpening.