The 7 Best Ways to Store Your Garden Shears and Pruners at Home

Storing your garden shears and pruners properly is your number one ticket to ensuring that they serve you for a long time. Garden shears are essential gardening tools that you can’t do without. A garden is never a garden without garden shears.

If you have no clue on how to store garden shears and pruners, worry not because this article is meant for you. It will empower you with the right skills to keep your garden shears well organized.

Before storing your garden shears, there are two things you should do; cleaning and maintenance.


There is no way you will store dirty tools. If you do that, you are not only neglecting your shears but also posing a health risk to your garden. Dirty shears can spread diseases that can be prevented once you clean them.

Get a cloth to get rid of all the dirt on your garden shears. You can use dishwashing liquid to get rid of stubborn dirt or steel wool to eliminate rust. There are other numerous ways on how to clean your garden shears. Allow your shears to dry before thinking of storing them.


Oiling your garden shears is essential for it ensures efficient operation. After cleaning, apply some oil to the metal using a piece of cloth. Additionally, sharpen your garden shears before storing them to ensure that they work properly the next time you want to use them. Use a metal file to sharpen your garden shears in one stroke.

Storing garden shears

Now that the garden shear is well taken care of, it is time to think of some innovational storage methods. Knowing how to store garden shears and pruners entails considering different storage methods. However, the best way to store garden shears is indoors. This can be in your garage, house, or shed. But, if you want to know how to store garden tools outside, what you will need is a cover. This will protect your tools from the harsh weather. You can also consider hanging garden tools in a shed that provides excellent shelter.

Some of the garden tools storage methods include: –

1.      Garage

The walls of your garage can come in quite handy when storing your shears. Understanding how to store garden tools in the garage enables you to have a better organization. It is safe to use a garage for your tools. That keeps them out of the way, which is exactly want you desire. Because you will utilize the wall of your garage, it would be best if you knew how to store garden hand tools because using the walls of a garage is an excellent method.

2.      Sand

You may not know this, but you can actually store your garden tools in sand. When storing garden tools in sand, you need to ensure that they are fully immersed in the sand. But how? Get a bucket and fill it to the brim with sand. Get your tools and plunge them into the bucket filled with sand. You will realize that storing garden shears and prunersin sand is not only practical but also a reliable method.

3.      Storage organizer

The best part about a garden tool storage organizer is that you can make it yourself. You know the kind of tools you have. Therefore, you will be better positioned to design a storage organizer that can accommodate all your tools. A garden shears storage organizer should be spacious enough and strongly built.

4.      Storage racks

These are easily available in numerous dimensions. You can use a garden tool storage rack to keep all of your gardening tools safely. You can build a garden rack quickly at home instead of buying a new one. Maintain the neatness of your yard by using this remarkable garden shears wall rack.

5.      Storage sheds

A good shed is vital when storing your gardening tools. It is one of the best garden shears storage ideas to use, especially if you consider keeping your tools outside. Making a shed is easy and does not require a lot of skills. If you don’t have adequate space indoors, you can build a shed outside for all your tools.

6.      Wall rack

Having garden tools wall rack guarantee that tools are not cluttered all over the place. That is a mess that you don’t want to get involved with. This is a perfect organizer that works best for hanging garden shears and pruners. You can customize all your tools when using a wall rack.

7.      Holder

Since some of your tools are lightweight, you can use a holder to store them. Use a garden shears and holder to place your shears. You end up prolonging the life of the shears because of proper storage.

Why store your garden shears?

It is imperative to know how to store garden shears and pruners, just like any other gardening tool you have. It is not in vain that you store your tools right. There are benefits that accompany that.

  • Ever imagine trying to look for one of your gardening tools but cannot find it? It can be quite stressful. You don’t have to go through all that if you store your tools properly. Proper organization promotes excellence.
  • Storing your garden shears well maintains its quality. This means that the next time you want to use the shears, they will be functioning correctly. That is what garden shears and pruners storage guarantees.
  • Getting rid of all the clutter enhances the overall appearance of your surroundings. It is not prudent to surround yourself with tools when you can store them easily.
  • The moment you store your garden tools, you end up creating more space for other uses. It goes without saying that storing your garden tools is the first step in saving space and creating more space.


Garden shears are essential gardening tools that require proper care and storage. If you don’t know how to store garden shears and pruners, you are not doing yourself justice. This is because you are missing out on an important opportunity of prolonging the life of your tools. There are different ways you can learn how to store garden power tools. With the right knowledge, your gardening tools will be in safe hands. You will also have protected the tools meaning that they will serve you for a long time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now that you are equipped with the right information on how to store garden shears, it is up to you to carry out the implementation. It is now time to discuss some questions usually directed by gardening tool users.

How high

  1. Should a shed be off the ground?

Absolutely! You cannot build a shed without lifting it off the ground. Whenever you build a shed, you should ensure that the bottom is not less than 4 inches from the ground. This is paramount for it provides adequate air circulation.

  • Is it wise to leave garden tools outside?

Definitely not! Leaving your tools outside exposes them to theft or even rain. The value of your tools is too high for you to leave them outside.

  • Can power tools be stored in the garage?

Yes, the garage is a suitable place for storing all kinds of tools, including power tools. The cools temperature provided in a garage ensures that your tools don’t get damaged.

  • Is there a specific oil to use for garden tools?

Lubricating oil has always been used for garden tools since time immemorial. Motor oil and cooking oil are examples of lubricating oil you can use.  

  • How can I clean pruning shears?

Use warm soapy water to clean your pruning shears. However, if you notice that the shears have rust, get some white vinegar and soak your shears overnight. In the morning, you will realize that the vinegar has dissolved the rust. Now use a wire brush to remove the rust.