The Best Shears and Pruners For Removing and Trimming Back Ground Cover


You can agree with me that the issue of ground cover is often overlooked. It is funny how you can remember to prune plants but not prune ground cover plants. With that, it overgrows more so when left untended. This is not healthy because the ground cover tends to choke plants hence killing them. Shears for removing background cover can come in handy, especially when you want to cut background cover plants.

It would be best if you made it a habit of taking care of your plants by using pruners for removing background cover. That way, the health of your plants will not be compromised.

Understanding ground cover

Ground covers may be classified into woody ground covers and shrubby ground covers. Woody ones require frequent pruning. Shrubby ground covers need that you cut them specifically at the point of origin. This is to give your garden an even appearance. Ground cover constitutes the low-lying plants that tend to cover your garden. Some people prefer having it for anaesthetic appeal purposes.

The reason why you have to trim back ground cover is to ensure that your plants grow healthy. However, some people entertain the idea of ground cover because of the advantages they reap from it. Pruners for trimming background cover can be used to bring the cover to the purposed height.

Even though the ground cover may seem desirable to some, it is not good news at all. For instance, if you own a small garden, ground cover will only make your plants suffer. Yes, some types of ground cover are beneficial, but others detrimental. There is the desired optimal height that many ground covers should have. If not restricted, it grows and overspreads, thus the need to trim ground cover plants. Control this ground cover by trimming it frequently using a bypass pruner.

The best shears and pruners for removing and trimming back ground cover

Laying your hands on the best shears for removing background cover is the best way to have a healthy garden. It would be best if you had the right ground cover trimmer. Without that, you will do a perfect job as you are supposed to.

We will look at the best pruners and shears for doing away with back ground cover that is becoming a menace.

The best shears for removing and trimming back ground cover

We cannot exhaust all the shears for removing ground cover. As such, we will discuss a few that will make our job easier in the garden.

1.      Straight pruning shears

If you have a lot of ground cover deadheading to do, this is the ideal shear to use. These straight blade pruning shears will trim the ground covers, making your garden appealing. You need not worry about your hands’ size because these shears can fit both small and large hands. These ground cover shears are extremely effective, thanks to their stainless-steel blades. They also come with a shock-absorbing spring that is easy to open with each cut.

2.      Anvil pruning shears

What makes the Anvil pruning shears stand out is their rigid handle. It is designed with a non-skid material to ensure you have a secure grip. Apart from that, it helps you switch easily to any angle when removing the back ground cover. When deadheading ground cover plants, these are the right shears to use, for they work perfectly in removing and trimming dead branches. The effectiveness of these specific shears is in its sharp blade that cuts thick branches with ease. You will purchase these shears at an affordable price, making it even more beneficial to own them.

3.      Corona ClassicCUT shear

Are you looking for tough and effective shears that will not disappoint? Then look no further for the Corona ClassicCUT shear model will deliver exactly what you desire. Check out the heat-treated steel blades of these shears. Once you start using them for deadheading ground cover, you will be surprised by how they slice through the cover without difficulties. This model has been used for years, meaning it has been tried and tested as being quite effective. Thanks to its non-slip grip meant for control as you work to trim the ground cover. It is also designed with a robust spring that aids in opening the blades with each squeeze delivered.


The best pruners for removing and trimming back ground cover

You need the best pruners for removing background cover you can find, to remove ground cover and you need them fast! Let us discuss the right ones to pick to ease your job in the garden.

1.      Softouch Micro-Tip Pruning Snips

These pruning snips are the best detail pruners that work effectively to deliver an excellent job. They are phenomenal due to their ability not only to remove ground cover but also trim it. The best ground cover pruner is one that performs excellently, and that is what these pruning snips offer. With these snips, you can deadhead back ground cover even in tight spaces. Regardless of whether you have small or large hands, you can still use these specific pruners.

2.      Classic manual hand pruner

The Classic manual hand pruner makes an outstanding bypass pruner. You will notice that it is designed with top-notch quality hardened steel blade meant to cut with ease. What makes this pruner effective is its ability to enable you to work quickly because it can be easily sharpened. With that, your work of removing ground cover will not be tasking. Even though this hand pruner is ergonomically shaped, it offers maximum force whilst exerting less effort. Without a doubt, these might be one of the best pruners you will find. That is with no question.

3.      Precision curved blade pruner

These pruners come with a curved blade to enable you effortlessly remove and trim ground cover in no time. By exerting minimal pressure on the grip, you will complete your work fast, making it an excellent ground cover pruner. Something else you will find on this pruner is its pointed tips. They enable you to trim what you don’t desire that way, your garden will have a beautiful appearance. If you have been longing for pruners for trimming background cover, choose this curved blade pruner.


All things considered, I am certain that with the information provided, you are better equipped on how to remove and trim back ground cover. Shears for removing background cover are a great investment if you want to keep your garden looking good.  If you have battled with recurring back ground cover, you will not hesitate to get the right pruners for removing background cover. It is paramount to keep an eye on how fast ground covers spread. Please keep them in check by using pruners for trimming background cover to limit their growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions that may arise from you.

  1. Can pruning be considered for growth stimulation?

Pruning is known to be one of the fastest ways of stimulating growth. If you cut all the way back, it will lead to vigorous growth. On the other hand, light pruning leads to slower growth.

  • Which tool can be used to cut back bushes?

You can use a pruning saw that can work on large branches. Essentially, pruning tools are the best for they result in healthy cuts.

  • Can shears be used to cut grass?

Yes, they can. Be keen such that you grip the handle well, then squeeze to close the shear blades hence cutting the grass.

  • Are scissors ideal for trimming plants?

They are as long as they are sharp. Dull scissors will only damage the plant, and I am certain that it’s not what you want.

  • What happens if you leave your plants unattended?

Such a plant will grow in any direction, making it unappealing. In the end, you may be required to do an intense cutting back that will be quite tasking.