Tips On How To Grow Mondo Grass: Complete Information And Care Guide


If you have been looking for excellent ground cover, Mondo grass should be your number one choice. Mondo grass is an evergreen perennial type of plant that has been used for ground cover over the years. The resilience of this plant makes it survive any weather. With moisture, this grass will thrive and become no just durable but extremely strong. Maintaining this plant is not tasking, as you will learn from the care guide for mondo grass. Grow Mondo grass to make your garden attractive, being that it will require minimum care and maintenance, as you will note from the Mondo grass guide.

Types of Mondo Grass

Before venturing fully into Mondo grass, you must understand the different varieties available out there. Essentially, there are three basic types of Mondo grass. Let’s dive into each one of them to help you comprehend the one that will suit you best.

1.      Dwarf Mondo grass

This is a unique kind of Mondo grass that does not grow beyond 4 inches. It has a petite look and comes covered with slender leaves. You can easily grow dwarf Mondo grass anywhere because it is not affected by any climatic changes. Not only will you find it beautiful, but it is also relatively easy to care for. The attractiveness of the dwarf Mondo grass makes it perfect for use as a groundcover. Its lavender flowers will make you fall in love with it the more, not forgetting its blueberries.

2.      Ophiopogon Japonicus

Does your garden have some shady areas? If so, the Ophiopogon Japonicus will be most ideal for such areas.  This type of Mondo grass can grow not below six inches and not more than ten inches. If the precise conditions are exposed to this grass, it will grow to a height of 12-inches. That means if you want it to grow fully, you have to ensure the specified conditions are provided. Additionally, this Mondo grass grows up to 15-inches wide. It is also both pest and weather-resistant.

3.      Black Mondo grass

A rare type of Mondo grass that comes in a darker shade. Unlike the dwarf Mondo grass, the black Mondo grass can grow up to 10 inches tall. It does not spread fast; hence it may take time before it covers your lawn completely. You will also notice that this type of Mondo grass blooms and flourishes better when exposed to the full sun. You have to water this type of grass continuously as one of the Mondo grass care tips. Before the black Mondo grass starts blooming during summer, you will discover that its leaves begin producing a green color. With time, that color changes to a darker one as it spreads.

How to grow and care for Mondo grass

This Mondo grass guide is an essential section for it offers extensive information on Mondo grass care. Yes, you may be in love with the idea of having this grass for ground cover, but do you know what it takes to grow it? Worry not because all the Mondo grass care information you need to know will be outlined.


  • Grow mondo grass in an area not wholly exposed to sunlight. A shaded area will be ideal. If there are areas that are hard to mow, opt to plant Mondo grass over there.
  • Prepare the area you have chosen by digging. The soil must have the capacity to retain moisture. Poor soil will slow down the growth of Mondo grass.
  • Dig a hole that is about 30 cm deep and 30 cm wide. Go ahead and fill water in the hole. Allow it to drain before refilling more water. At this stage, you should be keen on how fast or slow the water is draining. You will know the soil is perfectly drained if it drains up to one inch within an hour. For some reason, the soil may not drain quite well as it should. At that point, use compost to quicken the drainage process. Compost is also crucial in the planting process. Thus you must prepare the soil using compost.


You will need not just one hole but several of them to cover the entire area you will be growing your Mondo grass. The tufts of grass will accommodate a hole that is 3 inches wide and 6 inches deep. Space the holes such that they are between 4 to 12 inches apart. However, the spacing will depend on the thickness and mondo grass size you want your tufts to produce. The closer the holes are, the more bountiful the growth will be.


  • At this stage, get the mondo grass that you have already purchased. You will have a fully grown plant to transplant and not seeds to plant. Get a scooping tool that you can use for transplanting without damaging the roots. Do not try to pull the tufts from the ground. That will destroy the plant. Scoop the tufts out carefully and slowly from the ground.
  • The grass should be separate to about a handful size tufts with plenty of roots. More roots indicate an established root system critical for permanent plant growth.
  • For the tufts to fit well, ensure that they do not exceed 3 inches. Place the handful size tufts in the prepared hole. Do this carefully and tamp the soil edges to do away with excess air. This is paramount for excellent water drainage. Gently press the roots into the soil to have them completely covered.
  • Mulch the area for soil moisture retention. This will also hinder weed growth and prevent the grass from spreading beyond the specified area. Shredded bark is the ideal mulch to use because it does not suffocate your mondo grass.


Tips on maintaining your Mondo grass

You will not have an exquisite lawn filled with bountiful Mondo grass if you do not invest in taking care of the grass. Here are some tips on growing mondo grass that may come in handy;

  • Keep watering the grass each day for the next six months. This is critical for it aids in keeping the whole area moist.
  • Keep an eye on the rooting system from the day you plant your grass to ensure it is well established.
  • Top-dress your Mondo grass annually with compost. This will ensure the grass maintains nutrients vital for robust growth critical during the first planting years. Please do not use a lot of compost because it will harm your plant rather than keep it healthy.


You might be the kind of person that yearns for a garden to die for. If that is you, then investing in Mondo grass should not bypass you. This grass is eye-catching and makes an outstanding candidate when it comes to having a lavish garden. Grow mondo grass to have an expanse of green that you will continuously enjoy for years. You don’t have to sacrifice much of your time to take care of this plant, as you may have noticed from the Mondo grass guide, because it requires minimal care and attention. Mondo grass care is what will ensure a healthy plant all year round.

Frequently Asked Questions

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It is because it makes flowerbeds stand out. This is an attractive and beautiful plant that is worth investing in.

  • Can Liriope be exposed to the sun?

Why not! You may not know this, but Liriope is extremely strong. You can expose it to the sun and not kill it because it is heat resistant.

  • What can kill monkey grass completely?

A non-selective herbicide will work significantly in killing monkey grass permanently. So, if you have had enough of monkey grass in your garden, now you have the right solution to get rid of it.