How To Sharpen Kitchen Shears And Scissors At Home

Your kitchen cannot function properly without a pair of kitchen shears. They are an integral part of your kitchen. With them, you can carry out different cooking-related activities with ease being that they are heavy-duty. You no longer need to deal with annoying packages when you can easily open them using kitchen shears.

Having said that, it is paramount that you sharpen and disinfect your kitchen shears regularly for best performance. Sharpen kitchen shears at home quickly, and the best part is you don’t have to look for an expert to do it because you can do it yourself. This goes the same for scissors. If you don’t sharpen kitchen scissors, they will always be dull hence not performing as they should.

Just like you have mastered sharpening your kitchen shears, you should do the same for scissors. With the right information, you can regularly sharpen kitchen shears and scissors without professional indulgence.

The information provided herein aims to enable you to understand the importance of sharpening kitchen shears and scissors at home. With this information, you will be in a better position to handle your tools with excellence. Given the amount of work kitchen shears performs, it is only right that you learn how to sharpen kitchen shears and scissors at home.

How to sharpen kitchen shears and scissors

Just like your garden needs garden shears and pruners, your kitchen also needs shears and scissors.

Kitchen shears and scissors may seem quite similar. However, they come with a difference. Their handles and blades are not the same, and that is the difference you should note.  Nevertheless, it is vital that you sharpen kitchen shears and scissors without fail to have a functional kitchen.

Kitchen shears

Kitchen shears and dullness should never go together. They should always be apart. In as much as the two seem to want to crawl to each other, it is your duty to separate them. But how? Sharpen blunt kitchen shears without fail. Remember that kitchen shears perform a whole lot of tasks hence can get dull pretty fast.

Let us have a look at how to sharpen kitchen shears at home. First of all, it is crucial to note that there are various ways to sharpen kitchen shears. That is precisely what we are going to outline.

1.      Using sharpening stone

This stone comes with two sides that you can use to sharpen your kitchen shear blade. Prepare the sharpening stone before you start the actual sharpening process. You can place a towel under the stone and then use oil or even water for lubrication. Now, set the blades of your kitchen shears apart to enable you to sharpen each blade separately. Grind the cutting side gently, starting with the rough part of the stone. Remember to sharpen the underside of the blade too. After that, turn to the smooth side and run a few strokes for an excellent finish. Once you are done, clean the blades as you take care of your fingers. Reassemble your kitchen shears ready for your next kitchen task!

2.      Using aluminum foil

I bet you didn’t know that you can use aluminum foil to sharpen kitchen shears at home. Well, brace yourself for the lesson. Get a piece of aluminum foil around 10 inches long for effectiveness. Fold your piece nicely at it lengthwise to have a thick layer strip. You will use each of the strips to sharpen the blades. Practice a fluid cutting motion, for that is what guarantees smooth cuts. Once you are done, clean your blade by wiping it using a moist paper towel dipped in warm water.

3.      Using sandpaper

At this juncture, you will know how to sharpen kitchen shears with sandpaper. The sandpaper you will use should not be less than 150 grit. This is only if you are keen on having kitchen shears with smoother edges. Get the sandpaper and fold it half wise such that the rough side is outwards. Do this for the sandpaper to work on the two blades. Using a fluid motion, cut through the sandpaper with your shears until you notice that the blades are sharp with each cut. You can choose to increase your grit for perfect cutting. Finally, clean your shears, ready for the next task.


Just like any other cutting kitchen tool, your kitchen scissors can also get dull. Having scissors sharpened professionally can be quite costly. That is why you are going to learn how to sharpen kitchen scissors on your own. Let’s get right into the process;

Step 1

Disassemble apart your scissors. Each part should be set aside. This is meant to ensure that each piece is worked on without fail. However, if the type of scissors you are using are riveted together, you cannot disassemble them. That does not mean you cannot sharpen your scissors excellently. You still can.

Step 2

Get a sharpening stone. Place a towel under it to keep the stone steady. Ensure the coarse side is facing upwards. Now start sharpening the scissor blades beginning with the inner side. Stroke as you start from the back of the blade as you head to the tip. As you do this, the edge of the blade should be lying flat on the stone. Keep sharpening to around ten strokes or until you notice fresh metal showing right at the edge. Turn the stone to the finer side and sharpen the flat edge severally.

Step 3

The beveled edge of your kitchen scissors should also be sharpened. Place the edge flat as you sharpen on the stone. Give it ten strokes. The bevel is usually wide; hence sharpening it should not be difficult as such. Once you see fresh metal, you can be certain that you have carried out the process correctly.

Step 4

Now that you have done an incredible job of sharpening your scissors, it is time to reassemble your scissors. When reassembling, ensure that you get them tightened but not too tight. Reassembling scissors can be a bit tricky. It would be best if you were keen to keep the blade’s sides from feeling sticky, for that will mean they are quite tight.

You have just equipped yourself with detailed information on how to sharpen kitchen shears and scissors at home.


If you don’t sharpen kitchen shears and scissors often, you will not fully function in the kitchen as you expect. Who wants to work with dull tools anyway! Choose the sharpening method that works well for you. The kitchen should be a fun place to be. Frustrations brought by blunt appliances are a no. Observe caution as you handle the blades when sharpening to avoid causing injuries. Before sharpening kitchen shears and scissors, cleaning should be prioritized.

Frequently Asked Questions

Kitchen shears and scissors, as we have discussed, are critical kitchen appliances. Taking care of them should be your mandate. Some of the questions asked by many people include;

Is there a specific way of caring for kitchen shears?

Not in particular. What you have to be keen on is cleaning them with warm soapy water. Any sticky residue should be cleaned by rubbing a bit of alcohol. Dry your shears thoroughly before storage.

Can I oil my scissors?

Why not! Get scissor oil, put your scissors apart, and place some drops of oil on them. This should be done specifically on the pivot for effectiveness.

Do I need kitchen shears?

Absolutely. Your kitchen cannot fully function without kitchen shears. They come in handy, being that they are multi-purpose.

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