Lawn Edgers Vs. String Trimmers, What is the Difference?


Proper maintenance of your lawn requires using the right tools to ensure it is done effectively. When your yard is left unkempt, it will not look attractive as it should. That is why the debate between Lawn Edgers vs. String Trimmers being that both are vital tools in lawn maintenance. To keep your lawn neat doesn’t require that you use a lot of energy; all you need is an electric lawn edger and line trimmer.

A beautiful lawn does not spring out of the blue. It calls for hard work through proper maintenance to maintain a perfect look. You may think that taking care of your lawn is difficult; you are so wrong. It is one of the most straightforward jobs to undertake because all you need are the proper tools, and your lawn will have an exquisite look.

We will discuss the differences between lawn edgers and string trimmers to enable you to understand how each function. That way, you will know which tool to use throughout the lawn maintenance process. The bottom line is both tools are essential in ensuring a lush-looking lawn.

It is one thing creating an edge and another maintaining it. This calls for using the right tool meant to create an edge, and another tool meant to maintain the edge. When going for Lawn Edgers vs. String Trimmers, you need to understand what exactly you need each one for to enable you to choose the one that suits your needs best.

Lawn Edgers

A lawn edger comes in handy in creating lines in the lawn that separate pathways, sidewalk, garden beds and even driveways. Its metal blade comes in a vertical spinning design that works excellently in cutting thick grass and tough roots. A manual lawn edger enables you to achieve remarkable edging more than a string trimmer.

Using a Lawn Edger

To give your lawn a manicured look, you require a lawn edger. It gets rid of that sloppy look your yard tends to have especially after raking or mowing. If the edges of your lawn are overgrown, use a lawn edger to trim them, and you will have a crisp looking edge. You can also use this tool if you are considering changing the shape of your lawn. An edger can be useful when adding features in your yard being that it offers stability on the ground than any other tool. The best lawn edger 2020 review shows you clearly that this is a critical tool that you should invest in to guarantee a pristine lawn.

Types of Lawn Edgers

The market offers different lawn edgers allowing you to choose one which meets your requirements. All you have to do is understand your lawn needs, and you will be able to match that to the right lawn edger.

  • Electric Lawn Edger – If your lawn is not big and does not call for extensive maintenance, this is the, best lawn edger to work with. It is light and compact meaning it can fit easily in narrow spaces. To power this edger, you require electricity making it environmentally friendly because it does not emit unwanted gas fumes. However, with an electric lawn edger, you will have a limited range because of the electrical outlet that you should always stay close to.
  • Gas-Powered Lawn Edger – This edger is appropriate for huge lawns. A gas lawn edger is equipped with a powerful engine that works effectively to cut through thick and overgrown grass. The best part about this lawn edger is it helps you take minimal time when working on your lawn because of its fast operation. With a single pass, your yard will be left looking exquisite thanks to the gas-powered lawn edger. The limitation of this edger is it produces fumes that pollute the environment.
  • Manual Lawn Edger – This is the simplest lawn edger to use no wonder its popularity keeps growing. It is ideal when working on a small lawn thanks to its sharp rotating wheel that makes it possible to push it enabling you to cut the area you desire. All your lawn manual work can be handled easily using a manual lawn edger.

String Trimmers

Are you having a hard time maintaining the edges of your lawn? Worry no more because a string trimmer can change that narrative. It comes with a string that cuts grass while ensuring clear-cut edges. If you had used another lawn tool when working on your lawn, it would be wise if used the best string trimmer to maintain the edges.

Using a String Trimmer

The primary task of a string grass trimmer is to trim the areas that were unreachable when using a lawn edger. If your lawnmower fails, you don’t have to worry; a string trimmer will replace the mower perfectly. If your lawn is irregularly shaped and you don’t know how to work on it, use this trimmer because it is designed to access unreachable areas. The best and ideal way to trim overgrown grass without putting too much work is by using the best string trimmer 2020.

Types of string trimmers

When working on your lawn, you need the right string trimmer to ensure that you get the results you desire. There are two main types of trimmers which are further divided. Let us take a look at them.

  • Electric string trimmer This trimmer is subdivided into corded and cordless electric string trimmer. The corded is perfect for small lawns and if you don’t want to overstretch your budget.  Because the trimmer is corded, there is no part of your yard you cannot reach because the cord is usually extremely long. The cordless string trimmer, on the other hand, is portable and easy to store because you want to tussle around with your cord. You can only use it in a limited area because of its cord, meaning there are areas you will not be able to reach.
  • Gas-powered string trimmer It is said this is the most powerful trimmer because it comes with a large cutting swath. This trimmer is portable and lightweight meaning it is easy to carry around. Its performance exceptional which is enabled by its lengthy running time enabling you clean your lawn within no time. The downside of this gas-electric trimmer is its loud noise compared to the electric one, not forgetting that it produces fumes that pollute the environment.

Can both a lawn edger and string trimmer be used for edging and trimming?

Not really because inasmuch as string trimmers can work perfectly for edging and trimming grass, a lawn edger cannot. If you have a manual lawn edger, it is challenging to use it in flat areas when trimming grass. A string trimmer is a versatile and flexible tool that you can use for both functions without any challenges.

The Difference between Lawn Edgers and String Trimmers

Both of the two tools are pretty critical while working on your lawn because they determine the whole appearance of your yard. They come in with several similarities; however, there are notable differences that set the two apart.

What makes a string trimmer stand out is the fact that it can be used to get to hard to reach areas. The same cannot be said about a lawn edger. So, if there are some areas that you were not able to cover when using the edger, a string trimmer would come in handy.

The string trimmer is tasked with maintaining the boundary of your lawn. Don’t use a lawn edger for that task because you will end up destroying your yard hence distorting the entire appearance.

For a finished look use a string trimmer; it works perfectly. While a lawn edger will be used to mow your lawn, it cannot be used in the finishing touches.

If you want to create certain edges specifically on your lawn’s boundaries, the best tool to use would be the lawn edger. It offers more stability compared to a string trimmer guaranteeing a clean edge in your lawn.

You should always sharpen your garden edging shears if they are blunt as sharpening increases their performance and efficiency.


Do you want to be proud of your lawn? The answer to that question is in your hands because it is up to you to properly care and maintain your lawn. We have discussed in details Lawn Edgers vs. String Trimmers giving you a comprehensive view of the tool to use for your yard. It is time to have fun using your tools to make your lawn look more appealing than anyone else in your surroundings. Wouldn’t you love that? I bet you would!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which tool should I buy between a trimmer and an edger?

Both are crucial because each comes with their roles. You can use a trimmer for trimming grass in areas an edger can’t reach whereas an edger does an excellent job in edging. For your lawn to look perfect, both tools will be needed.

  • How often should I edge my lawn?

Twice a year would be ideal but mark the specific months so that you can be edging around that time each year.

  • What should I do with grass clippings on my lawn?

You should remove them because the more they are left on your lawn, the more they draw in moisture in the soil. That increases soil nutrients leading to rapid grass growth.